Getting Server Busy Error in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Fix Server Busy Error When Using QuickBooks Desktop

Query: I have QuickBooks Desktop 2013 and i am trying to install 2016 and i get server busy error.

fix server busy error

Solution: First you need to check your network resources. If you still getting the error message, proceed with the following steps:

Steps to Diagnose Server Busy Error When Using QuickBooks Desktop

Step-1: Close QuickBooks Desktop if it is open.
Step-2: Close other open programs if running.
Step-3: Verify the system tray on your Windows taskbar to see if Windows is installing an update.
Step-4: Close all QuickBooks Desktop Components & reopen QuickBooks Desktop.
Step-5: Eliminate QuickBooks Update Agent from the Startup folder from the computer displaying the “Server busy” message.

Steps to Fix Server Busy Error If Above Steps Did Not Works

Step-1: Boot Windows to SafeMode with Networking
Step-2: Run QuickBooks Desktop & then Windows Safe Mode
Step-3: Restart your computer If running on a network
Step-4 Temporarily disabling the software, if any mirroring software running on the server or network.
Step-5: Disable the security software & see your security software’s documentation for this steps.

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